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Product Description:

If you are leading or part of a team making big change happen you are probably familiar with questions such as: How do we create the sense of shared endeavour and feeling of unity and purpose? How do I bring together and build a team that is consistently efficient effective and fun to be part of? How do we engage people within and beyond the organisation so that big change becomes possible? The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen distills wisdom from many years and thousands of conversations with hundreds of people in the thick of making big change happen. Discover how you can solve your challenging questions build resilience attract support inspire others protect and build organisational reputation and develop innovative habits and solutions. Written in a concise easy-to-read style The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen is perfect to dip into in a quiet moment as well as for thorough study. It will appeal to anyone looking to transform their own organisation or make a big change happen out in the world with thought provoking practical and profound advice.