laveste pris Running: How to Get Started: A Complete Guide to Running for Health and Fitness with Step-by-step Instructions Expert Advice and More Than 300 Practical Photographs (Paperback) by Hufton Elizabeth eDraTkad

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Running is one of the most popular activities worldwide and provides an incredible feeling of achievement as well as offering an enjoyable and accessible way to get fit. This superb book is an ideal reference guide for beginners with easy-to-follow advice and guidance on getting started staying motivated and improving your performance. To help you begin to run the first part of the book provides practical advice including basic health checks progressive walk/run programmes a six-week plan of running for fitness and exercises to build up strength. Appropriate clothing and equipment stretching exercises and warm-up routines are described. Once you have achieved a certain standard you may want to try an event and there is a special section devoted to explaining what kinds of events are suitable from a 5K walk/run to a marathon. With over 300 photographs and illustrations including step-by-step instruction this expert book is essential reading for anyone who wants to begin and to improve their running. This title is the perfect introduction to one of today's fastest-growing and most popular activities full of tips to help you stay motivated. It provides a fascinating insight into the world of running and its history with a survey of the greatest runners and famous races. It includes start-up advice on basic health checks running kit and footwear core strength training and stretching exercises and more. As you develop your distance and running skills there are progressive walk/run programmes and guidance on building up miles and hill running. It contains expert advice on pre-run and post-run nutrition and entering and training for events. Clear and instructive step-by-step photographic sequences throughout make it easy to start and keep running.