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When 18-year-old Mary Hazard touched down in post-war Putney to begin her nurse's training she could never have known that it was the beginning of a colourful career that would still be going 60 years later - one of the longest ever serving NHS nurses. For Mary raised in a strict convent in rural south Ireland working in her first London hospital was a shocking and life-changing experience. Against a backdrop of ongoing rationing and poverty she saw for the first time the horrors of disease the heart-breaking outcomes of failed abortions - and faced the genuine shock of seeing a man naked for the first time

60 Years a Nurse follows the dramas and emotions as Mary found her feet during those early years. From the firm friends she made under the ever-watchful gaze of Matron and the sisters to the eclectic mix of Londoners she strove to care for; the Teddy Boys she danced with and the freedom of living away from home; and her own burgeoning love story as extraordinary as it was romantic - these are the funny and heartwarming moments that helped Mary to follow her dream.