Smuk og generøs Virtual Water: Tackling the Threat to Our Planet's Most Precious Resource (Hardcover) by Allan Tony g03yUbYm

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The groundbreaking new concept that reveals the true and hazardous extent of our everyday water consumption. How much water does it take to make a cup of coffee? The answer may shock you: 140 litres

That's the true amount of water used in growing producing packaging and shipping the beans you use to make your morning coffee. Your lunchtime hamburger takes 2400 litres and that favourite pair of blue jeans a whopping 11000 litres. In fact all the goods we buy - from food to clothing to computers - have a water cost in the form of virtual water: the powerful new concept that reveals the hidden facts of our real water consumption. At a time when the world's resources are being used up at increasingly alarming rates what can we do to help tackle the threat to our planet's most precious resource? World water expert Tony Allan - creator of the virtual water concept - shows the way. In this stimulating and enjoyable book he exposes the real impact of our modern lifestyle and shows how we as individuals and governments globally can make a vital contribution to managing our water use in a more sustainable and planet-friendly way.