Højeste kvalitet Hitler and the Rise of the Nazi Party (Seminar Studies In History) (Paperback) by McDonough Frank U17hDqvB

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Now fully revised and reformatted Hitler and the Rise of the Nazi Party is an indispensible guide to the history of the Nazi party between its initial electoral breakthrough in 1930 and its victory in 1933. Arguing that the Nazis owed their success as much to Hitler's charismatic leadership and their own effective propaganda and organisation as to the weakness of the Weimar regime Frank McDonough provides an original perspective on the subject as well as a concise readable introduction to key events and debates. This new edition includes: A new introduction on the broad context of Weimar Germany Two new chapters on the reasons for the Nazi breakthrough in 1930 and on the crucial 1930-1933 period New clearer student-friendly format Supported by an expanded documents section and fully revised bibliography a chronology of key events and a who's who of leading figures Hitler and the Rise of the Nazi Party will provide an invaluable introduction for any student of this fascinating period.