Ejer forslag FRIGHTFULLY FRIENDLY GHOSTIES (Paperback) by King Daren Roberts David UgfKRRgO

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Product Description:

Tabitha Tumbly Charlie Vapour Rusty Chains and friends can't understand why the still-alives in their house are so mean. When Pamela Fraidy gets locked in the attic by a still-alive the ghosties are determined to make the still-alives like them. But the more friendly they are - hiding under beds and rushing out to read them a bed-time story rushing down the chimney to say hello the meaner the still-alives become; they even go so far as to run out of rooms shrieking

When the family start putting nasty garlic around the house and then call in a priest the ghostie gloves are off: Tabitha and Charlie decide to call in The Ghoul to sort out the still-alives once and for all: But could the terrifying ghoul prove much more than even the ghosties bargained for? The cast of classic characters brilliant one-liners and a clever plot will delight children and their parents.